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8 months old, achondroplasia

Tristan's parents spoke highly of Dr. Hoernschemeyer while Tristan slept soundly on the child size hospital bed. The Ramirez family learned at 28 weeks gestation, that Tristan was measuring small, however it wasn't until birth that they had a true diagnosis of achondroplasia. The Ramirez's look forward to the LPA regional meetings for educational opportunities and to meet with knowledgeable physicians, such as Dr. Hoernschemeyer.


15 years old

Trevor hopes to stay in contact with Dr. Hoernschemeyer to do the fact that his physician near his home in St. Louis, MO will retire soon. He's had a few procedures from the time he was 12 months old, but fortunately he's been able to stay involved at school enjoying science and sports the most. Trevor is an active teenager looking forward to the summer where he'll umpire for little league baseball games.


11 years old

Zachary is from Grain Valley, MO. Zachary and his parents met Dr. Hoernschemeyer two years ago in Branson at a Little People of America function and were impressed with his knowledge and bedside manner. Zachary wants to work with a physician such as Dr. Hoernschemeyer, "because he really cares for Little People." Zachary loves to dance, get dressed up and communicate with friends on facebook.


10 years old

Cole, from Lawrence, KS, has been a patient of Dr. Hoernschemeyer's for as long as he can remember. Hoernschemeyer has performed two surgeries on Cole's legs to make his legs straighter. He smiles thinking of Dr. Dan and says, "He's cool. He's funny. He's my hero. If it weren't for Dr. Hoernschemeyer, I wouldn't be walking." Cole likes to participate in the LPA Regional meetings and conferences to meet new friends. Cole is known as a class clown and Mr. Popularity at school and does not see himself as disabled in any way.


8 years old

Katie met Dr. Hoernschemeyer in 2008 at a LPA Regional meeting in Kansas. She's from Wichita and currently sees another physician, however she wants to keep an open relationship with Dr. Dan. Katie has been diagnosed with Achondroplasia Dwarfism- Disproportionate Dysplasia. Her body is average while her arms and legs are short. Katie loves to swim, play piano, work on art projects and play golf. When asked if there's anything she can't do, Katie stated, "I'll try anything."

Cole Anderson

  • Cole, now a fourth grader, shares his experience during a journaling period at school.
Picture Cole drew for Dr. Dan
"One day when I was going into surgery and I was really nervous. But my mom said that I could do it. Everybody said I could do it. But lucky I had multiple surgeries on my legs. After the surgery my mom got a pizza at Pizza Hut. When I got home I couldn't walk places without my walker. The hard thing about that is I wanted to go upstairs to go to my room to go to sleep."

As a mom to three boys, I can't predict when my kids will get sick. I can, however, be prepared for their well-being by choosing the best doctors and hospitals... wherever they are.

Dr. Dan Hoernschemeyer is definitely the most extraordinary doctor that we have had the privilege of working with. Most doctors seem like they're in such a hurry, but Dr. Dan makes us feel like Cole is his most important patient. He's comprehensive, candid, and considerate. His bedside manner is second to none.

Our youngest son, Cole, was born in 2001 with blonde hair, blue eyes, and achondroplasia; he is a dwarf. We needed a specialist who had the education, training, and most importantly, the passion for caring about children with dwarfism. In February 2008, Dr. Dan performed osteotomies on both of Cole's legs. Today, Cole is better because of Dr. Dan and his team. Dr. Dan, the orthopedic team, nurses, and Children's Hospital staff were absolutely incredible during our stay. We live in the Kansas City metro area and have many choices when it comes to doctors and hospitals in our own backyard. However, we choose to make the 5 hour round trip for every visit to see Dr. Dan. We'll gladly continue to drive to Columbia because The University of Missouri Children's Hospital and Dr. Hoernschemeyer are committed to giving excellent and compassionate care.

I may not know when my kids will get sick, but I do know that Dr. Dan will be there for us when Cole needs him.

-- Cori Anderson( Mom to Cole, 5 at procedure), Olathe , Kansas


From top, Ashley in pre-op; Ashley with Dr. H and Holly Wheatley; and Ashley in physical therapy.

I am 12 years old and I have Achondroplasia. On March 6, 2012, I had my legs straightened by Dr. Dan Hoernschemeyer at MU hospital. I was wheeled into surgery to the tune of Justin Bieber’s, “Up.” After 7-8 hours of being “out,” I felt stuffy when I woke up. My legs were wrapped in neon green casts from hips to toes. For the next 4 days, I was in pain and had lots of medication. Thank goodness the IV was put in when I was in surgery so getting pain medication through the IV wasn’t bad. By the 4th day, I was bored watching movies and sleeping all day and I was ready to go home.

It has been a painful and long recovery. I had the casts on for about two months and let’s say it was not a very fun time for me. I had to stay in one spot most of the day, every day, for eight long weeks so no running around outside. So my first advice if you decide to get leg straightening surgery is to do one leg at a time; that way, you will still be able to move around and not depend on your parents to carry you (extremely heavy) everywhere (even to the bathroom)! Unless of course you want to get things over and done with (like me), then go for it. After eight boring and agonizing weeks, I had my casts removed. It was such a relief because my legs itched like crazy. BTW, get a cast cooler (only available at MU or online) and it is fantastic relief. Anyway, cutting the casts looked scary when they used the saw but it was actually ticklish and didn’t hurt. My poor legs looked dry, scabby, and tiny (since it didn’t get any exercise). But what a relief! I was released and wasn’t trapped anymore! Dr Dan told me to stay off my feet for the next two weeks but then again I couldn’t stand or walk since my ankles were too weak.

So I had to learn how to walk again. Physical therapy was next. I love my therapist, Megan Everett, and my sessions of physical therapy with her. She makes it so fun and she is the nicest person ever! It’s almost four months now since my surgery and I can walk again without pain (still working on running and skipping). I am so happy and I can hang out with my friends again. My knees and ankles feel better and don’t buckle like it used to before my surgery. The surgery has changed my life and I even gained an inch and a half...yeah!!! I feel like a whole different girl (or can I say young adult-?). Thank you so much Dr. Dan, Holly and Megan.

Krystle Aikala

“I’m doing this procedure to improve my quality of life.  I want a future and I know that Dr. Dan can make that happen.”

Krystle Aikala

“These two men gave me a new life that I've been waiting for, for over 16 yrs” – Krystle


Krystle Aikala

Krystle with Holly, Dr. Hoernschemeyer’s clinic coordinator

Krystle, an energetic and sincere 27 year-old, traveled 17 hours with her parents from Waiehu, Hawaii for Dr. Hoernschemeyer to operate on her leg.  The same operation had been performed 16 years earlier but proved to be unsuccessful as soon as the cast was removed.  Krystle and her family visited many physicians near their home in Hawaii and across the country in search of answers in correcting her leg.  Many doctors that they encountered seemed cold and Krystle felt they were more interested in procedures that would offer them financial gains instead of providing solutions to the challenges she faced.  After brief evaluations, they would make quick suggestions including complex surgical procedures that they suggested could help but seemed to be more guesses and assumptions than ideas that would correct Krystle’s condition. 

The family’s perception of physicians changed when Krystle and her mother met Dr. Hoernschemeyer at a Little People of America National Conference in Anaheim, California in June of 2012.  Krystle says Dr. Dan had such a sweet and warm demeanor that she was immediately comfortable with him. He requested to have X-rays and MRI's done so he could see for himself what the problem was before actually recommending a course of treatment for her leg.  “Dr. Dan was very patient and compassionate,” Krystle said.  “He understood the fact that I lived across the country and that the travel would not be easy from Hawaii to Missouri for the procedure.”  Krystle chose Dr. Dan because of his confidence in fixing her leg once he evaluated all of the information and films available to him.  She also chose him because he gave her 100% of his time and made Krystle “feel important rather than just someone who didn't matter at all.”  He was attentive, patient, and a great listener every time they met.  “He wasn’t typing on a computer or taking notes, he was simply listening to our story,” Krystle said.  His calming presence along with how thorough he was in evaluating Krystle’s situation before making a diagnosis or establishing a treatment plan made her feel secure in moving forward with Dr. Hoernschemeyer.

Krystle’s procedure on March 19, 2013 went off without a hitch.  She is well on her way towards recovery and credits Dr. Dan for a tremendous improvement in her quality of life.

Beverly Holmes

Several years ago, my son Keith was in need of a new doctor and I looked on the internet and saw the background on Dr. Dan. Not only was I impressed with his degree's but after our first visit I was sure we had the right man for the job. Little did we know how much we would need Dr. Dan to work his "stuff" over the years at that time, but had great confidence in his ability. 

We have had many great converstations, some very empowering, some that I never wanted to have, but the most important ones have been life changing for my son. Since May 2012 Dr. Dan has done 4 surgeries on my son Keith and with each one, came a different reason, experience and time to reflect on what happened and what the plan and outcome needed to be. 

We have seen many doctors over the last almost 25 years. Even though Dr. Dan has only been a part of our life for a few years, he has in our eyes been one of the greatest blessings to our family. Even though he only treats our son, he truly is a family man!! Always looking at what needed to be done to keep my son's quality of life at a maximum but also making sure that as his caregivers, he always takes time to make sure home life is ok too. 

To us, the greatest quality of Dr. Dan is his heart. Yes he has an amazing ability to get things done for the kids he sees every day, but he has a heart of gold and truly cares for all those he sees. He has stood in prayer with our family before surgery's have taken place and we felt truly he put his heart and soul into each procedure big or small. As a mom, knowing that my child is in good hands is a must, but never once when my son has been taken off for surgery did I ever doubt his ability or knowing that he would always do what was in my son's best interest even if it meant changing the whole plan. 

Dr. Dan you are an amazing man, doctor, family friend and blessing to us all. May God continue to bless your talents and abilities to make a difference in the lives of so many young people to reach their full potential. We love you!!!! 
Bill and Beverly Holmes and Keith Woodhurst 

Beverly Holmes 
Ephesians 2:8 
For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves:it is the gift of God